Week in Amsterdam: Day 3

On our third day in Amsterdam, we ventured out to the AWESOME folk museum of Zansee Schans.
Yeah, it's very cheesy and touristy... but I am a tourist and I do love cheese (which you can watch them make in the traditional Dutch manner)
We took a 20 minute train out to Zansee Schans and arrived right as the museum opened. There is still a working chocolate factory in the city so the entire city smells like chocolate.... GLORIOUS!  Once off the train, there were easy to follow signs to walk to the museum taking only about 20 minutes (we stopped and took pictures).

First glimpse of Zansee Schans
 Most of the museums are free and you are welcome to walk in, however there is a region museum that you need to pay for. If you want to be Dutch for a day and climb up into a windmill, you will have to pay for that as well.
However they do offer a Zansee Schans card that includes all of the museums that you need to pay to get in and one windmill. If you want to climb up into any additional windmill, the card gives you a discount.
Looking back on it, I'm not sure if the Zansee Schans card is worth it. The region museum is nice, but unless you are interested in industry (like me) you will find it very boring (like my mother). Climbing up into a windmill is a must, but it is less than 5 euros to go into a windmill. I guess just look on the website, do your research and you decide. A lot of the demonstration homes were closed since it was the low season. Once the tulips bloom and the sun comes out, all things touristy swing their doors wide open.

so sweet!

Clog maker demonstration (free)

Weaver's house tour (included in Zansee Schans card)

Cheese store! (free)

Windmill (one is included in the Zansee Schans card)

The grinding wheels working inside the windmill

On the deck where the blades fly by (cool experience, but I was afraid I was going
to fly off!) 

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