Best Pieces of Advice: Revisited

I first published this blog post in June of 2015 when I was 21. I thought since I am two years older and obviously much older & wiser (jokes) I would revisit these nuggets of advice.

"If you can read, you can do anything."- Momma
"Wake up every morning not dreading it, but looking for ways to brighten it up for all around you."
 - Papi
"What's your favorite class? That's the path you need to take."
- My high school counselor on which major to choose
"Every successful person reads and has a list of books that they contribute their knowledge to. Oprah's the only one who has given away the secret."
-Dr. Olivieri
"Be stubborn, never take no for answer." - Papi
"You want people to remember you by your smile and laugh, not your frown lines."
"Cheers!"- Grandma
"Never look like you belong at Hooters."- Papa T
"Tea has no calories." - Momma
"If he takes you to the refuge, he loves you."- Brian Sorgenfrei
"I may wear the pants in the family, but my wife dresses me." -Bill Heard

New Advice since June 2015

"You have the chance to be either a penguin or an eagle, Penguins are cute and cuddly, sliding around on the ice all day. They impress people with their cuteness. Eagles on the other hand impact. If you are saved by the grasps of the eagle (or not)  for that day you are nevertheless impacted. Be an eagle. Impact others." - Coach Vic Schaefer (MSU women's basketball coach that led our women to DEFEAT UCONN! #HAILSTATE)

"When they go low, we go high"- Michelle Obama

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"Money is trivial on this Earth. Live in a Christ-like manner and all the riches of this world and the next will be over flowing." - Pastor Bill Heard

Hope this brings some joy & wisdom to this dreary Monday!
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