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Let's Do It 2019!

Alright y'all... It's 2019 and time to start a new. I always feel so fresh at the beginning of the year. Just a feeling of 'yes! Let's tackle it!' This year more than others I feel this way. This year has the potential to be very exciting... I will finish my master's in June and hopefully will find a job so I can stay in Sweden. I want to really focus on my health in all aspects - mental, physical, emotional. I will try to limit my time on social media. I will start to eat a vegetarian diet and eat less junk food - diet soda and candy I'm looking at you. I will exercise regularly. I will get enough sleep. I will continue to strengthen my relationships and create new ones. I have a few vacations planned this upcoming spring that I am super excited about! I will go to Portugal in February . Some friends and I are planning a road trip in Scotland to visit a friend who is writing her thesis near Loch Ness. I will continue my Swedish classes which

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