Study Hygge

Have you heard about this new European import called "hygge"?
It is wonderful. It is a Danish concept of being cozy, enjoying life fully and all those around you. Hygge can be with others or enjoyed solo. It all about being purely in the moment of life. Since I will be moving to Sweden in the fall, I am trying to make habit changes now so that I may be able to flow easier into Scandinavian society. Sweden has  a similar concept called mys.

I have grown to love my time that I set aside either with friends at lunch or alone in my bed with a wonderful book. It is great for your mental health as well. Spend a little time to treat yo self (as Tom Haverford says) and you can reap rewards in many different ways.

This is the time of the semster where there are so many things that must be done, completed, signed in, turned in, presented, etc that it can make even the chillest person go crazy. It may seem impossible to find time to be hygge, but believe me you can.

Here are some ways that I hygge during stressful school periods:

-light a candle
-buy yourself some flowers and place them where they'll be seen
-bubble bath
-read a chapter or a poem from your favorite author
-make tea or coffee
-make a sweet from scratch and feel no shame in enjoying it
-go for a long walk without technology, allow yourself to think or bring a friend to talk with

How do hygge during a stressful time?
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