April Blog Round-up

Once again we are coming to the end of another month! April has been jam-packed with great blog posts, little sleep and memories.

Here are the top five blog posts viewed this month:

1. As always, I post more detail about my Instagram posts on my blog. Sometimes it's sweet to hear the back story for why I decided to gram something...Read about some of my recent Instagrams here:  Instagram 4-22-17 and follow me on Instagram here: little mouse big world Instagram page

2. & 3.  My parents gave me a trip to Amsterdam for my Christmas/Birthday/Graduation present... all rolled into one. It was wonderful to take a break from school and explore a new place with my mom! Read about some of our adventures here: Week in Amsterdam: Day 3 & Week in Amsterdam: Day 4 & 5

4. If y'all know me personally (or just read my blog) you know that I tell it how it is. It seems that y'all enjoy reading about my sassiness, too! If you missed it, I get hella sassy about my former boss and job: Deal Out Your Fs Accordingly

5. Finally, finals are really heating up and all I want to do is slow down time in Starkville... learn how I relaxing during a VERY busy, stressful and cherished part of my life. Study Hygge

April showers bring May flowers

Thank you all so much for reading my blog! Every day that I see more people have read it, I know that I am blogging for a purpose!

your little mouse


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