Week in Amsterdam: Day 4 & 5

Our fourth day in Amsterdam was spent in the museums we had decided to visit.

We went to the Hermitage Museum where there were artifacts from the Romanovs on display. Everything from beautiful gowns to portraits. It was very stunning to see one of your favorite childhood movies staring back at you. (Once upon a December, anyone?) The Hermitage Museum was not included with our Museumkaart, but we did get a discounted rate. For us it was worth it since my mom and I both loved the mystery and love surrounding the Romanov story.

After going through the museum, I had a craving for something sweet and coffee. I was determined to try any and all apple pies I came across.

After the Hermitage Museum, we went to the Van Gogh Museum. The Van Gogh Museum is included on the Museumkaart and I have to recommend this museum!!! It is wonderfully done and it is just amazing to see such priceless paintings in person.

On our fifth day, we went to Delft for a day trip. Delft is a sweet little town known for being the hometown of Rembrandt and the classic Delft blue tiles.
We researched and decided that Thursday would be the best day to go since it was market day for the town. It is only about an hour train ride to Delft from Amsterdam.

Cheap sweets at the Market... can you guess what I bought?
yup. apple pie!

We visited both the Old & New Churches in Delft, with our MuseumKaart we were given a discounted entrance fee.You only need one ticket for both the Old & New Churches--- but make sure you hold on to it! They will not let you in without the ticket! If you are a student make sure to show them your student ID for an additional discount.

The tomb of William of Orange

Canal of Delft

Have you visited Delft?
What other day trips from Amsterdam have you enjoyed?
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