Study Lovin' Reboot

Hey guys,
I've been hard at work trying to grind out my grades and finish my undergrad strong. I hope that May brings you some good study vibes and new beginnings as well.

Since I haven't really been able to totally flesh out new blog posts, I am redirecting everyone to some previous posts I wrote about how I study and deal with stress.

I promise to be back with new material soon! I have a lot on my plate...May is a busy busy month y'all!

What a flashback with this post I originally wrote in 2014! Even though there are some winter final tips, the advice is still steadfast: A Few Things You Need to Survive Finals

With the end of one semester comes the start of a new adventure! No matter what your next adventure may detail everyone can benefit from some productive tips: New Semester

I am STILL a huge fan of podcasts... I'm actually listening to the French news via podcast right now. Check out my favorites from April 2016 : Podcast & Study Grind

I wish my desk looked this neat during finals week,
it really just looks like a massive train wreck of  highlighters, coffee stains and tears.

Some of you may not be studying for traditional college finals, but an important standardized test. I took the GRE this past fall and succeed quite well (or well enough to get make going to grad school in Sweden a reality)... See how I prepared: How I Prepped, Studied & Succeeded: GRE

AND my most recent study/school related blog post : Study Hygge. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of 'hygge', it is just the state of being cozy. If you are comfortable and happy in your space (wherever it may be), that is hygge.

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