A to Z of My Mississippi State

Most of you know that I recently graduated from Mississippi State at the beginning of this month. I have had a lot of time to reflect on my amazing 5 years in Mississippi. I'm sure a new crop of excited Mississippi State freshman are about to embark on Orientation Weekend and be totally overwhelmed just to fall completely in love with the university the moment they begin classes. In light of reflection of my own time at Mississippi State, I gathered together an A-Z guide of Mississippi State. 

A: Aspen Bay
You know those candles that Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sell? That is DPM Fragrance (parent company for Aspen Bay). DPM Fragrance produces all of their products by hand in Starkville, MS. 
My junior year I began working at Aspen Bay on Main Street in Downtown Starkville. I started as just a sales clerk but slowly climbed up the ladder of the company. By the time I was a senior, I worked as  Sales and Shipping Intern for almost two years. It was wonderful to begin my career in such a fun and comforting place.

B: Bully
Bully, Mississippi State's mascot, is in my opinion the best mascot in the SEC. I have some bias however. 

C: Cowbells &  Cresswell Hall
I could not pick one thing to describe the letter "C". Cowbells play such a big role in everything at Mississippi State. We ring them at football games. We ring them at baseball games. We decorate them. We collect them. Don't buy yourself your first cowbell- that's bad luck! (You've been warned)
Cresswell Hall was my dorm freshman year. It was honestly a total dump but dang did I love that old building. I had the best roommate that I am still close with. I met  people that I consider some of my closest friends. I learned how to do laundry in that building. I learned how to sleep through all-night ragers in that building. I pulled all-nighters in that building... What a place.

D: Davis Wade
Davis Wade Stadium. Holder of football games both winning and losing.

E: Enos
Enos (basically portable hammocks you string between trees) gained great popularity during my college years. I remember hanging out with friends for hours on end while we hung high in trees. 

F:  friendship
I never knew that you could grow so close to someone or a group a people until college. I am thankful for those friendships. Late nights, laughter, tears, total chaos and just doing nothing. All of it was wonderful.

G: Grace Pres.
Grace Presbyterian was the church that I joined in April of my freshman year and remained an active member until graduating five years later. It is such a sweet church filled to the brim with wonderful and broken people who try desperately to live for God, but know they will fall short. It is refreshing to be surrounded by such people.

H: Highway 12
Even if you've only been to Starkville once, you've driven on Highway 12.

I: Ice Cream
Mississippi State University  makes its own ice cream on campus. I contribute my Freshman 15 to the best Strawberry ice cream money can buy.

J: Junction
The Junction is the place to see and be seen on Saturdays during football season. If you don't have a place to tailgate, you'll probably be able to find a burger and some beer at someone's tailgate. (unless you're an Ole Miss fan, then you're on your own.)

K: kites
Kites on the Drill Field during Spring. Do I need to explain further? 

L : Little Dooey's
Whenever people came to visit me in Starkville, I promptly took them to Little Dooey's for the best BBQ in Starkville. I must say that their crawfish is also pretty stellar.

M: McCool Hall
Ah, McCool Hall. Home to the College of Business and where I spent many an hour.

N : Nine Twenty Nine (929)
929 is one of the busiest places on Main Street. Even in the middle of the day on Tuesday it can be difficult to find a corner to set up your cram sesh. No wonder. Their coffee is great, snacks too delicious and some say that they have the cutest employees in town...

O : Oby's
Wonderful fried shrimp, po-boys and giant ice cream sundaes. Can't go wrong.

P & Q: Peace & Quiet (Noxubee Refuge)
The Refuge was such a wonderful place for me to go and relax. Either alone or with friends. There are a few trails, but I normally just forged my own. Learn from my mistake: don't go off the trails during deer hunting season. You will get yelled at. 

RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) was the campus ministry I became a part of my Freshman year and never looked back. I adored the message of the speaker. It always so relevant to college life. Not to mention, RUF is an extremely social group. 

S:  Stromboli's
Built in a tiny garage, Stromboli's is the best pizza place in Starkville. Try the cookie dough bites...

T: Term Papers
You can't go to university and not expect term papers. If you major in French, I assure you will have many term papers assigned. Bon Chance! 

U: Umbrellas
If you're attending Mississippi State, pack a good umbrella and get a waterproof backpack. You'll thank me later.

V: victory
Whenever Mississippi State takes home a win, the whole town and campus is transformed into Starkvegas (I personally hate that term) . The best era for "Starkvegas" was my junior year when MSU was number one for a few weeks in football. Can I get a Hail State?! 

W: White Chocolate Chip cookies
Mississippi State has a bakery on campus that was once a place to hangout in between classes and catch up with others. 

X: excellent place to go to school
Through ups and downs. This is my school.
I will forever bleed maroon and white. 

Y: Y don't you want to attend MSU?
go ahead. give me your excuses.

Z: Zeta Tau Alpha
My college life would not be complete without my time in Zeta Tau Alpha. I was able to gain leadership, networking and personal skills all while making life long friends. If you have any hesitation about joining a sorority, please just go through rush and talk to some of the women. You may change your mind. Keep in mind that sororities are not just for parties but for philanthropy and life enriching. 

Do you also love Mississippi State? Tell me why!
Hail State!
your little mouse


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