Happy Mother's Day 2017

This year for Mother's Day my mom didn't want anything too crazy or wild so instead we gave her the most relaxing and chill day possible.

We started with a late breakfast on the deck. Pancakes. Eggs. Fruit. Tea.

Followed by naps and more tea time chatter.

Finally for an early dinner we went to mother's favorite restaurant in town, which happens to be Longhorn. (This is not a plug-in for Longhorn- momma simply loves Longhorn)

We ended the evening with lemon pie, tea and movie.

See? Nothing too crazy or wild.
Just what the doctor ordered.

Supporting me through all of life's ups and downs...
The most recent: college graduation!

I hope everyone got to spend some good quality time with their mothers or female life molders!
Happy Mother's Day to all!

your little mouse


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