Elizabeth's Big, Fat, Greek (legal) Birthday

Yesterday was my sister's 21st Birthday which just so happened to coincide with the annual Marietta Greek Festival hosted by Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Marietta. I have never gotten a chance to go to the Festival. Since I will be living in Sweden for at least the next two years, I want to participate in all the "Marietta" and "Atlanta" things that I possibly can!

Pumped to eat all the Greek food we can fit into our bellies.
Happy to spend the day with my sister & her boyfriend bonding over good food and culture. 

It's like I was actually in Greece...

Yes, because every church has an amphitheatre...

These "mini-Greeks" performing traditional dances.

There are multiple groups composed of different age groups dancing for visitors. At almost 90 degrees, I must say that these dancers are rockstars for wearing those costumes!

Every ticket to the festival includes a guided tour of their Orthodox Church which is absolutely stunning. It is filled with artwork, symbolism and just mesmerizing.  

I am glad that I got to taste a little bit of another culture and a different aspect of the Christian faith (even just for a day).

your little mouse


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