Welcome to Swederland: Overview of the Greatest Trip Ever

Emily and I in Zurich, Switzerland

At the beginning of this month, my best friend, Emily, and I were given the chance to travel through Switzerland completely free of charge! Yes, I'll say that again - me and my bestie went to Switzerland for free! We were the grand prize winners of the Swederland competition hosted by Swiss Air. The competition was meant to end the confusion that people have between Sweden and Switzerland. My dear friend Emily did not know the difference when I first learned that I would be moving to Sweden, so I was able to describe some pretty funny stories of her confusion. I guess Swiss Air thought they were pretty funny too! On the trip, we traveled to Zurich, Vevey, Montreux, Zermatt, and Lugano. In following posts, I will chronicle all the cities we visited and our journey along the way!

If you have been following my blog the past year or have talked to me in person, you know that I am attempting to visit all 28 EU countries before I graduate. If you need a brush up on which countries belong to the EU, Switzerland is not one of them. So this trip did not help me reach my goal, but seriously what's a goal if you don't get side-tracked by chocolate and fondue?

Huge thanks to Swiss Air for not only showing us Switzerland but reuniting two besties!
Plus, Emily has now visited both Switzerland and Sweden so hopefully, her confusion between the two countries has stopped. 
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