Lundakarnevalen 2018

Lund University has a really fun tradition where every four years a huge carnival named Lundakarnevalen is held. I never really got a real answer on why the carnival is put on other than, "it's fun and a great tradition". That's all I really needed to get on board with all the activities planned for a weekend in late May (yeah sorry, I am really behind on blog posts). Even though we were swamped with school projects and exams before breaking for the summer, a group of friends gathered to join in on the fun. I mean it only happens once every four years!

The opening day of Lundakarnevalen just so happened to coincide with the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As we were waiting for the opening parade to begin, a friend of mine and I were glued to my phone live streaming the wedding. (Gosh, I am so happy to have friends who understood the weight of such an event) Lucky for us, Meghan entered the church at about the same time as the parade started. We cried a little over how gorgeous Meghan looked and then decided to pull ourselves together to enjoy the parade. 

#Blessed. These girlies still love me even though I cried in the streets of Lund
 from joy of how stunning Meghan looked

Student groups from Lund University and all over Sweden traveled to Lund to participate in the parade. 

There was a wide array of floats and bands. I'm exactly sure what all of the floats meant to portray, but I think this one was pretty obvious and pretty funny.

What do I have to do to get this job?
After the parade, the group entered the carnival where there were so many different tents where you could play games, buy tasty food or watch a show. We ended the day enjoying a concert in front of the main university building. One of the coolest and most unique venues I've ever been to. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures once we entered the carnival so I guess you'll just have to take my word on how awesome it really was. 

Only 4 more years until the next Lundkarnevalen! 
I have no idea where in the world (literally) I'll be at that point, but I hope to have the chance to return to Lund for the carnival.
Does your university or alma mater have fun traditions like this?

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