Stop 5: Lugano, Switzerland

Our last stop on our grand tour of Switzerland was the gorgeous lakeside town of Lugano. You guys. We were only in Lugano for one night, but I believe with all honesty that I could have lived there on permanent vacation. This place was just stunning. We could tell the city had a different vibe than that of all the cities we had visited before. This city even though we were in Switzerland felt like we were in an Italian escape. Hence lots of gelato and good food was consumed!

The small adorable streets with many different sweet shops lined along them offered a great window shopping experience.

Upon a small hill there was a church, where you could see all of the city from a great angle.

These streets are wonderful

We found a park along the lake where it seemed like all the locals spent their sunny days. People were walking their dogs, tanning, playing with their kids. It was such a great and relaxing place to before getting a train back to Zurich and flying back to Sweden.

Me after eating all the great gelato in Lugano

your little mouse 

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