Two Oceans & Emma Matilda Lakes Hike

After researching the hiking guide books in the gift shop this past week, I decided that my next hike would be to Two  Oceans Lake and Emma Matilda Lake.

I went by myself. Probably not the smartest decisions. If you know me at all, you know how much I love to do things solo. I did go prepared however including the bear spray, plenty of water and of course a PB&J accompanied by high calorie granola and an apple. The phone was fully charged and I had plugged in NPS' number. Safety first if you are going to be stupid... I'm just saying.

I started out about 9:20 am. The trail head starts at the same spot as the trailhead for Christian Pond. Instead of going left for Christian Pond, you go right towards Grand View. So I just marched on.... and on...and on. It was probably about 5 miles until I saw a lake, but when I did it was glorious and just absolutely stunning. I decided I would take lunch lake-side. The lupines flowers were beginning to bloom and fill the air with sweet fragrance. ahhhh. I lied down to just relax *ahem, nap * and I knew this is what falling in love felt like. Sorry to be dramatic, but it's true. I've never been in love (just my family and my dog) so I can only imagine. However the clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds, lush green grass, bright blue lake, and deep purple flora... this was a perfect love song. That's when I met Two Oceans Lake.

From Two Oceans Lake it was probably about another 4-ish miles to Emma Matilda, the trail was not as close to the actual lake it looked over the lake at a higher altitude than the trail around Two Oceans did. Gracious the view between the Teton peaks, the green hillsides and the lake below was enough for me. I frequently stopped in awe. I seriously wish I could upload pictures now to show everyone how gorgeous it really perfect.

Wait until August and many, many pictures will bestowed upon you for your patience!


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