Old West Days- Jackson, WY

I've been meaning to write about my Memorial Day experience for a while now (a whole week to be exact), it's just I get so busy or caught up in what and who is actually around me to find the time to go to the employee center and type out a post.

SO for Memorial Day the city of Jackson holds a weekend long event called Old West Days. It is exactly what you would think it would be- cowboys, Indians, rodeo, etc. A group of us got together to attend the Old West Brew Fest. It was so great. I had never actually been to a beer festival before, but I seriously enjoyed it. There were beers from all over Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado to try out. My favorite was the Raspberry Belgian pale ale from Upslope (I think?)... pretty darn tasty. I also tried the Not Your Father's Root Beer and Cream Soda.... also pretty darn tasty. I plan on making an adult float soon.
My friend and co-worker, Ross, ready for the beer fest!
One of the Hispanic groups of Jackson put on a cultural dance
as part of the festivities 

Once the beer festival was over, we walked around for a bit. Jackson has a great town square to wander around and shop. I had no money- but I still looked.

That evening we went to a rodeo. This was my first REAL rodeo. I have been to smaller rodeos in Georgia and Mississippi, but I feel like this is a real rodeo. Wyoming has a bucking bronco on their state flag-- they know rodeos!

Sorry this was a short post,
the employee center was about to lock me in... like chill y'all.



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