Signal Mountain Hike

Saturday was my day off and I hadn't done a hike in a while so I was itching to get out. My roommates boyfriend organizes hikes and other fun stuff for the employees to do. He had planned a hike to Signal Mountain and I gladly joined in.

We started off a little after 9am. Signal Mountain is a lodge but it is also an actual mountain. The story behind signal mountain is interesting. The great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton, Robert Ray Hamilton, had gone missing during a hunting trip of 1890. A few of the members believed that he was murdered. The group was instructed to a light a lantern at the top of the mountain to indicate if his body was found. A week later his body was found floating down the river. And there thus is the name of Signal Mountain.

We started off strong. Then it started to get a little steep. I had to catch my breath it was a gorgeous hike and view. About a mile into the hike, we ran into these two ladies who were lost and confused since they had been using an old map. So they joined us to the top of the trail. At the end of the trail which was not the summit there was a GORGEOUS overlook. That is where we rested and took lunch. The mountains were majestic. The water was a pure blue. There were yellow flowers blooming all over the valley. The lazy tourists who drove to the overlook was rampant. What a wonderful office view as Thomas would say.

It was another 1.5 miles more to the summit and it was crazy steep. Again, the view was worth it. I just gazed at all of the awesome things that God has created with his mighty hand.

This was a more difficult hike than what I have done this summer, but there is something so rewarding about flopping into bed. Knowing that I pushed myself to the limits of my physical self is a pretty awesome feeling.



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