Sunset on Mormon Row

On Thursday night after work, my friend Becky texted me and asked if I wanted to go ride around the park. Both of us had started to feel the weight of the week and just the emotional stress of a few different things. I gladly jumped into the car. It seems like always the best decisions are made last minute.

It was almost sunset so we headed over to Mormon Row in the park. Mormon Row is a place in the park where a few original barns and homes of the original Mormon settlers had dedcided to put their homestays. I'm sure that if you have googled "Grand Teton National Park" a photo of the Moulton Barn has come up.

We got to Mormon Row just as the sun was settling behind the Tetons. ah it was so wonderful. The light was scattered by the jagged edges of the mountains. I loved it. We just sat and watched in awe. What power was shown and I felt so small.
sorry there are no pictures to show everyone. I guess you'll just have to wait til August.



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