Hostel Survival Kit

I have been to my fair share of hostels during my study abroad, ranging from good to bad, France to Spain to Italy to Norway. None the less I have complied a list of things I believe could help make your next hostel stay more cozy (as cozy as a hostel can be).

  1. Flip-flops for the community showers... it's like a high school gym flashback
  2. Eye-mask and/ or ear plugs... people come in late and leave super early
  3. Pasta. Most hostels have kitchens that you can use, throw a bag of pasta into your duffle bag for a cheap few meals!
  4. Towel... some hostels do not have towels or require you to rent one, if you already have one you can save a few euros per night.
  5. Scarf or sweatshirt that you can use as a blanket. In my experience, hostel bedding isn't much. I was traveling during the fall and winter months so it could get quite cold at night. However sometimes I got really hot... it just depends on the hostel and how many people are in your room and on your personal body temperature. 
I have used to book all of my hostel rooms and I have been pleased with the majority of them. I also have used AirBnB and really enjoyed my stay. You should just do your research look on multiple different websites for the best offer. For example, it was cheaper and closer to the city center for me to stay in a real hotel in Oslo...that was the dream a full sized bed, private bathroom and Norwegian television. 
Feel free to comment with any of your hostel "must haves" or how you find your hostels.



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