Paris with Pals

Last weekend I had the chance to meet up with two friends from high school. The first was one that I had known since middle school, we rowed together and were in the same French class since sophomore year, Eleni. The second was my high school exchange student, Philippine. She spent three weeks with me the summer before junior year and then I spent three weeks with her before senior year.

Two friends. One great city.

Since I have been to Paris before, I was able to explore the more 'unseen' parts. I think you obviously need to see the large landmarks of a city: Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, with Paris the list can go on forever. But to really explore and say you know the city, you need to act like a local and just walk without a plan. See what you see. Ask questions. Let your feet and hopefully your sense of direction is better than mine.

Walking along the Seine. I love boats and water, I was right at home.

Notre Dame

The famous Love Lock bridge

Admiring the fall colors at the Jardin des plantes

Saturday, I spent with Philippine and her family. We went to see an exposition on Vigee Le Brun. I wish I could have taken pictures inside, because her work was wonderful. Vigee Le Brun is known for her portraits of European royal families and especially her portraits of Marie Antoinette.

Outside Le Grand Palais for the Vigee Le Brun expo

wowza, the staircase of the Grand Palais!
(Don't tell the security guard)

After gazing at art for a while, we took to the streets of Paris!

Phantom of the Opera

Finally on Sunday, we visited Chateau de Chantilly. The Chateau is about an hour outside of Paris and well worth if you have the time. Obviously Versailles is the chateau to see if you only have time for one during your time in Paris, but Chantilly was also very lovely.

Chateau de Chantilly

I wish this was my library

The library contained over 40,000 books and some of them were gorgeous!

The Chateau is home to the 2nd largest collection of art after the Louvre.
There were rooms upon rooms of art just like this one.

Thank you Eleni and Philippine for their sweet hospitality. 
We will meet again Paris! 


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