Lille was Lovely

While I was in high school, I participated in an immersion French course which included living with a French family for 10 days.

Circa 2012, the chica on the far left is one of best friends from high school
who was my roomie in France

The family we spent our time with lived in Lille, which is in the north of France almost in Belgium. I hadn't seen them since 2012 and since I was already in France, why not spend a long weekend catching up?

It was so wonderful to get to see them! They were just how I remembered them to be: loving, open, caring just as if you were there own child. We spent the weekend just walking around, going to markets, exploring Lille and eating good food. (they spoiled me with coffee and crepes)

Circa 2015, not much has changed!

Until next time my sweet "French parents"


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