Pray for Paris

As many people know I am studying abroad in France this semester and four short days ago Paris experienced a terrorist attack.

Let me begin with I am safe. I was actually in Spain for our Fall Break as the attacks took place.I have gotten in contact with all my friends that either live in Paris or have family that live Paris, they too are safe.

The opinion of the aftermath of these attacks are split between my friends. Some believe that it was just another attack like most of the others and all of this press will fade in a few months and everyone will forget. Then some believe that this is the beginning of something much bigger than we expected.

I am a part of the latter. I believe that this is Europe's 9/11, Pearl Harbor. The tipping point or call to war against terrorists. It was so public and so organized. I believe that these groups have a series of attacks lined up for the next few months. Just tonight, a soccer match in Germany was cancelled due to a warning. Obviously as a mere citizen I am not aware to top secret information, but the way politicians world wide (not just the French politicians) reacted leads me to believe this is a real issue.

Again, I am a business and French major. I am not a politician or even a political science major. I do not have the knowledge that some have. This is purely my opinion.

I do think that in the light of all this darkness and hate there is light. I cling to it daily. Christ is good and forgiving. He will forgive the darkest and most hateful of hearts. He wants to love you. Let Him in.

Praying for Paris.


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