Best of June 2017

Another month already passed? Wow! I haven't been as regular about keeping up with my blog posts this month. I started a new job while quitting my nanny job.
In some sad news, my parents had to put down one of sweet dachshunds. The youngest, Monroe, fell one evening while playing and hurt his little back. We thought it was just a normal run of the mill puppy thing, but over a few days he just got worse. After taking Monroe to the vet, we found out that he was paralyzed from the waist down and in a lot of pain. With a heavy heart, we decided to put him out of his pain. 
Enough bad news... Let's talk about what y'all liked and read this month!

I guess y'all enjoy beer and yoga as much as I do! My  post about BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) was the most read post this month. If you haven't read it yet, read it here.

I have been so amazed how quickly this next post spread, it seemed like a lot of people understood exactly where I was coming from!  If you're a Mississippi State fan or thinking about joining the Bulldog fam; read my A to Z guide to Mississippi State here.

Just as the United States celebrates their Independence on July 4th, Sweden similarly celebrate their nation on June 6th. Since Sweden is my soon to be new home, I decided to celebrate National Day of Sweden appropriately. Read about it here

It gets hot, sticky and sometimes just gross here in Georgia during the summer. I shared my favorite beauty products that I love to keep my beauty routine short and light. Read about it here

Finally, it seems like everyone enjoys when I write more personal blog posts. Most of the times, I receive small notes saying that others understand completely what I am going through as well as thoughts on how they have combated the same emotional, mental and physical struggles. Read about how I am personally struggling with belonging in a church community this summer : here

Thanks again everyone for staying with me for another month!
If there is any topic you'd like me to write about,
 please let me know in the comments!

See ya next month!
your little mouse


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