My 2017 Summertime Beauty "Must-Haves"

Summer is here and in full swing therefore, we must adapt our make-up routines. I don't know about y'all, but I hate hate hate spending time fussing about my hair or makeup. Especially when I know within an hour of stepping out the door it will just be runny and sticky.
I have put together some of my favorite products that work in the summer heat and allow you to enjoy your time with friends and family NOT worrying about how you look! (I should note that all of these products I have found through Birchbox either through my monthly subscription or online reviews)

Bumble and Bumble: Don't Blow It 
Oh. My. Gosh. I have super fine hair. Whenever I don't take the time to style and fix it, it just looks flat and limp. Honestly, I look like a 16 year old girl still trying to figure out my beauty routine. THEN this product came into my life. After towel drying I put a little of this product through my hair and Voila! gorgeous, soft, wavy, chic hair. This product takes care of my hair as well as makes me look good in less time. Another good plus is that I don't have to use a lot to get results, so a tube can last a semester or so (yes, I still measure life in semesters).
Link to Birchbox (where I grabbed this pic): buy here on Birchbox!

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle

I first received this little gem back in the spring in my monthly Birchbox subscription, but I recently bought the full size for the summer. I thought I had outgrown detanglers, they remind me of sports camps and smell like fruit. This one is totally the opposite! It smells light and fresh. I also realized you can never outgrow such a great product. A grown-up just needs a more grown up version. This product not only detangles your wet hair (post-pool or post-shower) it also is packed with products that protect your hair against UV rays, protects hair color (if you color your hair), and makes your hair super soft! Plus if it matters to you, this product is vegan. It's an all around win!
Link to Birchbox (where I grabbed this pic): buy here on Birchbox!

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45
If you don't like to fuss with a full face of make-up (like me), THIS is the stuff for you! I feel like most Beauty Balms are skimpy on coverage, not this one. It covers just as well as a normal liquid concealer but with none of the heavy feel. It covers up all of my "rough spots" (aka pimples or acne scars). Since I have very fair skin, I am adamant about keeping my skin protected so this BB with SPF 45 is a wonderful answer. This product comes in two different shades.
Link to buy on Birchbox (where I got this pic): buy here at Birchbox!

Did I mention one of your favorite summer beauty products? 
What is your favorite summer beauty product?
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  1. Oh wow that Bumble and Bumble product sounds incredible, especially because my hair can get really fine as well. Do you find after you put it in your hair that you feel it at all/your hair feels crunchy?

    Julia //


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