Farmer's Market Swag

Farmer's Market

Hands up! Who loves summer farmer's markets?!?
I must admit, I hate summer (I don't do heat). BUT I love the beautiful feast of Farmer's Markets.

Peaches? yes
Tomatoes? yes
Fresh breads? yes
Local honey? yes

I will suffer through a few hours in the heat for such wonderful prizes!

About 20 minutes from my parent's house is the Marietta Square who holds a weekly market along with artist booths and small entertainment. It's always a good time and I can always something to bring home!

Do you have a favorite summertime event 
that you will suffer through unbearable heat for?
your little mouse

Farmer's Market by macymouse1224 featuring wooden crates

Adidas Originals striped top
$25 -

3x1 blue jean shorts

Gap open toe flat

John Lewis shopping bag
$6.37 -

Wooden crate


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