World Rowing Championships- Lac d'Aiguebelette & Chambery

This Saturday I got up super early for the two hour bus ride to Chambery to catch some of the semifinals and finals of the World Rowing Championships. The regatta was held on Lac d'Agiubelette which was about 20 minutes outside of Chambery.

First of all the ride from Grenoble to Chambery was gorgeous. We winded through a few small towns with adorable little shops, bakeries and schools. There were mountains all around us. They were so large that they cut through the clouds as if you could walk up to have coffee with God. There were sheep, cows and farms. The vineyards, don't even get me started on the number of vineyards I saw! It seems like if there is a small patch of free soil-- vineyard. Which I don't hate...

Once to Chambery, I had to hop on the shuttle provided by the city and the venue to shuttle the team, media and spectators to and from the lake. While I was waiting to head towards the venue, a large portion of the Australian team boarded the bus. I was a tad starstruck if  I must say. We began towards the lake and there was yet more cute houses and farm land. We had to go through a tunnel that had been carved out of a mountain, once out of the tunnel all you could see was the sparkling and excitement on the lake.

I scurried to find a perfect picnic spot on the lake to watch the action and sip on the wine that I had brought (so French). Between the perfect weather, the gorgeous scenery, all the people from across the nations, and the great races; I was in perfect Macy bliss.

The races ended at 3pm I stopped to talk to a few of the American team, and one of their mother's shrieked... 'Gimme your camera, I'll take a picture!'... I mean alright I never turn down a photo- op, especially with a possible future Olympian. (Mom had defiantly taken advantage of the no open container laws at the venue)

Around 4pm, I had gotten back to Chambery since the bus didn't leave until 6 I had a few hours to explore the sweet city.

If you give a French mouse a cookie after a good day of regatta and exploring,
she's a happy little mouse.



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