Hiking in Chamrousse

There's so secret that Grenoble is surrounded by mountains, the gorgeous and wondrous Alps. In the summer and early fall you can hike them and camp in the valleys. And in the winter and spring you can ski, snowboard, or probably in my case roll down the mountain.

A group of us got together to hike and explore one hiking spot in the city of Chamrousse which is a popular ski resort. We met at the bus stop at 7am, I was honestly surprised that the French got up that early. The bus ride to the Chamrousse was about an hour. It was incredible that within an hour you could go from a pretty large city to being amongst some of the highest points in the world. The minute I got out of bus, I started to have trouble breathing the air so much thinner even at the bottom. I knew it was going to be a long day but I wanted to keep up and I didn't want to miss out on anything. The hike was worth every single push I forced my body. The views were gorgeous and the pictures do the scenery absolutely no justice.

It was about a six hour hike all in all but we stopped multiple times for rest and food. The best part was end when we returned to the town. We had about 4 hours to burn so we went to a little café. We ate, drank and laughed until the bus arrived. The moment I got on that bus I realized how tired I was so I fell asleep. Once back in Grenoble, some of us grabbed food and I went straight home to where I slept for 13 hours (without any shame).



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