Some responses Europeans have when I say, "I'm from Mississippi"

  • "Jackson, Mississippi!" Going to Uptown Funk you up, ya?
  • But... you're not fat
  • ...and you speak another language?
  • 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi
  • Is the Mississippi River pretty? (Honestly no not particularly)
  • You're like Europe, you don't like Obama either
  • What's on your feet?... my Chacos
  • Your football isn't real... you go to an SEC tailgate and tell me how you feel afterwards 
  • Is your state close to California? New York? no there are 48 other states
  • I like Luke Bryan's new CD... why is that even sold anywhere outside the US?
  • Say "y'all" again

I thought y'all  would giggle at some of these like I did


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