Chateau de Vizille

The past week the school has been planning a lot of events for international students and exchange students for us to get to know the city while we get to know each other and practice our French. Today we visited one of the region's gems: Chateau de Vizille.

Vizille is a small city about 30 minutes outside of Grenoble. It is a quiet little city. To me it is what you think of when you think 'adorable French hamlet'. Tiny roads. Greenery surrounds the city. Cobblestones. The whole nine yards.

Now the castle holds a gorgeous French Revolution museum. There is art, ceramic, statutes and models all to help tell the story of the Revolution, the years before and after.

I asked someone that worked in the museum if all the paintings were originals, they shrugged and said yes... like of course we have originals of gorgeous priceless pieces of art, this is France.

However, the best part was the park surrounding the castle. There was a small river, which I think was man-made (I'm not sure). Isn't that something so royal? There is no lake? Fine, build me one peasant! There were swans and ducks that dominated the green spaces begging for little scraps of our picnic. I have a feeling these guys get plenty of food.

I have never seen grass greener, water more blue or happier ducks!
I can call this a successful day out in Vizille.


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