Ystad Daytrip

As of tomorrow, I will have lived in Sweden for one year! One full year - 365 days! So I have been treating myself with so many Swedish goodies and since I had the weekend off from work and the summer transport card still in action, I decided to head to Ystad for the day. Ystad is a small town of the east coast of Skåne, whereas I live in on the west coast. It takes about 2 hours to travel from Helsingborg to Ystad. The train goes through great countryside views as well as Malmö. The original plan was to visit both the city of Ystad and Ales Stenar. Ales Stenar is sort of like the Swedish Stonehenge and its only 25 minutes away by bus. However, I overslept and the bus-train schedule I had originally mapped out was screwed up. The weather was not the best either to be standing by a whole bunch of rocks out in the Swedish countryside. Ales Stenar is on my list of things to see so eventually I will get to it!

What do I have to do to live in this adorable little home?

I got to Ystad around noon and decided to head straight to the Ystad Studio Visitor Center. Many famous Swedish TV series have been filmed at Ystad studios, most famously Bron and the Wallander series. The visitor center is jam-packed with goodies from the shows. It was a fan's nerdy paradise.

The original door that was used in the Wallander series

Happy Bron fan

After leaving the studio, I went into the city center and was delighted to find many adorable shops lined up with the cutest houses. The majority of the day was spent dodging sporadic rain showers in cafes and wandering the streets of the city.

The trip was cut short due to the weather, but nonetheless, it was a great day treating myself. Ystad is easily reached by train from Malmö or Copenhagen if you're looking for a little country getaway.

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  1. Unbelievable! One year in Sweden! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I know! It doesn't seem real that I have lived here for a year! Thanks for reading. //Macy


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