Summer Afternoon in Malmö

I have been busy traveling outside of Europe this summer to places like Switzerland, Ireland, Romania and Hungary so much so that I haven't had that much time to explore in Sweden. I have a few days off from work and I bought a summer transport card back in June, but haven't had that much time to use it to its fullest extent. So this morning I woke up with no agenda (which is the best feeling in the world) and decided to get on the train to Malmö.

Malmö is only about 40 minutes from Helsingborg making it so easy to get to. I know many people who work in Malmö but live in Helsingborg. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden yet I had only been to the city a handful of times. I hopped on the train around 10:30 and arrived around 11:40 (there was a small delay in Lund).  As I was on the train I was furiously googling things to do and see (preferably on a budget) and to my pleasant surprise, there were quite a few things.

I started the day with lunch at Malmö Saluhall. A co-worker had suggested the food hall a while back and it was great. There were about 6 different stalls to choose from, but the moment I saw the halloumi burger from Falafel & Burger the game was over. The burger and fries were great! The bun was so fresh and fluffy. The combo with a coke cost 130SEK. There are some shops nestled in with the restaurants at the food hall, but I really didn't feel like lugging food around with me all day so I just peaked around.

This picture does not do the halloumi burger justice

After lunch, I walked to Malmöhus Slott which is the fortress of the former King of the Kalmar Union. There are a few different museums located in the castle, but I really didn't care about seeing any of them (free or not). I walked around the castle took a few pictures and moved on. There is a garden behind the castle, but Sweden has not received a lot of rain this summer so it looked more yellow than the lush green. I poked around the gardens a bit, but after realizing that the condition of the garden did not improve I moved on to the next thing.

This is the part where I got a bit lost. There are so many streets and fun shops to walk into that I lost my way to my next destination. I made it (eventually) to the Moderna Museet, a modern art museum completely free to the public. Plus the building was air-conditioned, I know you're probably like 'isn't Sweden always cold?' to which I answer 'no it's been over 85 degrees most days this summer and ain't nobody got time for that'. There were two exhibits when I visited "New Art in Turbulent Times" and "Written in Light". I really enjoyed the second exhibit, "Written in Light", it was a collection of early photographs from Scandinavian photographers. It was very interesting to see how the photographs had been restored and giggle at some fashion trends.

After the art museum, I wasn't hungry per say, but it was almost 3pm and that's fika time for many people so the vacationing Swede inside of me screamed for a pastry. I walked a little further from the art museum and came across Patisserie David. This is the true spotlight of the day. I smelled French baked goods and headed straight in. What a found was a cafe that reminded me fondly of my time in France as well as traditional French goodies. It was hard to choose one, but I decided on a tartlette aux fraises. Oooh what a good decision.

Admittedly, I did not wear the best shoes for a walking tour of the 3rd largest city in Sweden so I was not up to exploring much more. I headed back to the train station stopping into a few more stores on the way. Malmö is a great city filled with quirky stores and obviously, these people understand great food.

I'll be back, Malmö!
Have you ever been to Malmö? If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, it makes for a great day trip since the two cities are only 20 minutes apart.
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