#17: Romania & #18: Hungary

Selfie in front of the Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary

I have just returned from my last trip of the summer! I did a little road trip from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to Budapest, Hungary. Man, oh, man I have a lot to fill y'all in! I am very excited to share.

I, unfortunately, don't have that many pictures remaining from my time in Budapest... I will explain in the next post...

After this trip, I have only 10 more EU countries to visit until my goal is reached! TEN! You can count that on your hands! I am going to try my hardest to reach all these remaining countries in the next year. This school year will be really demanding and I also have extended my summer job into the school year. 

I have the following countries to visit:
Has anyone ever traveled to any of these countries? What are the best times and cities to visit? I'm open to any suggestions!

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