Quick Glimpse of St. Petersburg

The last stop on our Easter Baltic Cruise was St. Petersburg, Russia! Using the tour group, Open Your Russia, we were able to enter the country visa-free for 72 hours. It was an amazing experience to see so many of the places I had read about in history class.

Russia is a beautiful country, and I am so happy that I was able to visit, even it was for just a short period. That being said, I always felt a tad uneasy with the current political climate. The American embassy in St. Petersburg was closed only 20 hours before our arrival in the country. I was constantly afraid of all the 'what ifs'. My sister did not feel the same way, so I guess I was just being a worry wart - which I have a terrible habit of being. Here are some of my pictures from the trip - some are mine and some were taken by a new friend met on the trip.

Church of the Spilled Blood

The Hermitage or Winter Palace

St. Issac's Cathedral

The Summer Palace - from here Tsar Nicholas II and his family
were taken by the Bolsheviks 

Once Upon a December

What an awesome group! And big thank you to our tour guide Larissa!

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