A Day in Tallinn, Estonia

Over Easter, my sister and I went on a Baltic cruise starting in Tallinn before going to Helsinki, Finland then to St. Petersburg, Russia. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get around Tallinn and how much we were able to see in one day.

We started the day by hiking up to Nevsky Cathedral which is a Russian Orthodox church in town. I was amazed by its beauty inside! It was blue and just extremely ornate. After exploring the square around the church, we headed to a look-out point nearby to take some obligatory selfies. After that I felt like we just walked miles and miles, taking pictures, popping into shops, and just enjoying the city. Finally, we had a well-deserved lunch at Kompressor, which is a pancake restaurant that was recommended by a friend (who know who you are). Both Elizabeth and I had a Caprese pancake with tomatoes, feta, and pesto for 5 euros. Elizabeth added a cider for 2.30. For the size of the pancakes, it was a fantastic deal.

Nevsky Cathedral 

selfies at the look-out point 

There were all these little pidgeon statues around Tallinn to
mark where cars could not go-- and they were adorable

During the afternoon, we found the cutest tea and coffee shop (Kohvieri) where both of us found goodies to take home. They have all of these different types of coffee and tea at excellent prices. I bought 50 grams of marzipan tea (about 10 cups worth) for 1.85 and 100 grams (about 6 pots of coffee) of orange chocolate coffee for 3 euros.

After some more walking and exploring, we came upon a military festival to celebrate Estonia's 100 year anniversary. I even got a balloon!

Finally, to end out the day, we had an Estonian fika at Ruki's which was right next to our hostel. I had a very difficult time deciding what to treat myself to, just ask my sister. I decided on a blueberry and cream meringue roll-up of sorts. Let me tell you. It was divine. If anyone has a recipe that is similar to what I just described, please send it over.

Fat and happy we headed back to our hostel where we tucked into bed and dreamt about exploring Helsinki the next day...

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  1. Oh, now I want to visit Tallinn, too! Thanks for sharing this interesting post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. You should visit Tallinn! It is a lovely city! Thanks for reading


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