2 More Countries off the List

Apologies for neglecting writing on my personal blog, I have been writting so much for school that I forgot to write for fun and share my own experiences! Last week we had a nice Easter holiday. My sister and I went on a cruise through the Baltics which included Tallinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia. It was such a nice and much needed getaway! In doing so, I was able to cross two more EU countries off of my "to-do" list: Estonia and Finland.

#13: Estonia (March 2018)

Tallinn, Estonia

#14: Finland (March 2018)

Helsinki, Finland

As I (slowly) write blog posts about my trip, I will update this post with the links. 
See the original Visit All 28 EU Countries Challenge post to see where I have already been and where I need to go... Only 14 more! 

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