Photos from Helsinki

The next stop on the Easter trip was to Helsinki, Finland! Helsinki is only about 2 hours from Tallinn by ferry. The trip was simple and easy over to Finland (even if we were delayed a little). The real trouble came when we had to find a locker to put our stuff in for the cruise over to Russia. We had no coins which apparently is the only thing taken at the Helsinki ferry terminal lockers. With it being Good Friday we had some issues finding a place to make change, so we had to run into town, find a hotel to make change, the return to the ferry lockers to finally put our stuff away. So, all in all, we lost an hour of our time in Helsinki.

Here is a collection of we got to see and experience while in Helsinki for 6 hours:
To be honest, we weren't so worried about taking a lot of pictures but trying to experience everything we could.. so I only took about 20 pictures while in Helsinki. (whoops  - I guess I just have to go back)

The main cathedral near the harbor

The Russian Orthodox church near the harbor 

Walking on an ice skating rink - just Finnish things

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