Helsingborg Art Week

Skane is an extremely culture rich region in Sweden and part of Greater Copenhagen. Earlier this month, I was able to help out with the Helsingborg Art Week as a Social Media and PR Assistant. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of people and learned some Swedish throughout the week.

Plus being surrounded by gorgeous art for a week is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

There was a large emphasis on street art and graffiti. Here's some little nuggets trying out their graffiti skills. Cheers to the insanity of the person who was like 'yes, let's give pre-teens cans of spray paint'.

I really loved this exhibit called Killing Sundays. It featured photography. So many of the photos were so real and average that they were touching.

These two pieces are from an artist named David Stenbeck (who I got to meet and he's pretty awesome). He creates all of his work digitally. Check out his instagram: here

This photo of the horse reminded of Wyoming, but also my favorite TV show Vikings. Don't ask me why. Art speaks to everyone differently.

This is David's daughter playing around at the "Feed Installation" exhibit. People can come and play around with the lighting and colors of the exhibit adding or taking away to create an exhibit unique to Helsingborg. It's an awesome idea! If you're in the Helsingborg area, feel free to stop by Kullagatan 8 Thursday - Sunday between now and November 3. On the 3rd of November we will stop and admire the exhibit the people of Helsingborg have created!

Cute Swedish girlie having fun with watercolors. 

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