Union takes Marietta!

The Roots grabbed as many things as they could
before they fled.
 My family are huge history buffs. Thankfully for us there are so many fun historical things around Marietta and Atlanta!

In high school, my sister and I volunteered at the William Root House off of the Marietta Square. The William Root House was the home of the town's pharmacist. His home has been renovated and well loved by the people of Marietta. Today his home is a living museum to see how the middle-class lived in the 1850s and 1860s.
Union soldiers move in the home

Recently the museum gained a new director (who volunteered with my sister and I way back when). He is committed to putting the museum on the map for both tourist and residents. He has put historical as well as social events on the calendar for the museum.

Makeshift "camp" in the garden

Inside the detached kitchen

July's event was to show what the home may have looked like when the Union invaded Marietta. The home was not burned during Sherman's March to the Sea because it was used as a place to house doctors and nurses. The Root family left Marietta and fled to Washington, GA. They did return to the home after the war finding the home in "tolerable" condition.

The real troopers of the day were the actors wearing Union uniforms or hoop skirts. Thanks for sacrificing your sweat for history!

If you are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend a day trip to the Marietta Square. There are so many great things to do for everyone! Visit the William Root House Museum website for museum details and a admission coupon. Here is the website link for the Marietta Welcome Center to help plan your trip!

Have you ever visited Marietta?
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