Grad Student Bucket List

Alright. So we are in the final stretch before my big move to Sweden. As I gather together all of my things and attempt to keep my sanity in place, I have compiled a few things that I have placed on my "Grad Student Bucket List". These are things that I want to do before my time is up in Sweden:

-become fluent in Swedish
- see the Northern lights
- visit all the Scandinavian capitals (I have already been to Oslo, so I still need to visit Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm & Reykjavik) 
- ski in Sweden
- have a ballin' internship

- meet people from all over the world
- see some reindeer
-become a part of a church community
-hike as much as possible!

-attend a Swedish Midsummer
-master the art of a true Swedish fika

Is there anything else I should add to my bucket list?
your little mouse


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