The Journey Begins... My No Soda Life

starting to live a healthier life... sans soda
I decided to give up soda after being hounded for years about possible future health implications that may occur if I did not curb this bad habit of mine. To put my soda drinking habit into perspective... I almost always drank diet sodas and possibly at least one a day. Sometimes during stressful periods my soda intake could be up to 8 cans of diet soda a day. People have gotten to know me as the girl who loved diet dr pepper... and they weren't wrong.

I have attempted to give up sodas many a time and usually only lasting a day or maybe a week. It seemed that during stressful exam periods I would fall back onto soda as a crutch instead of a healthier option. However on June  24 2017, I finally decided to cut the nasty thing out of my diet once and for all. It was going to be hard battle but at least this time I knew that I had nothing to distract me. I researched for best ways to cut soda out of my life. I thought about easing out of it, but knowing myself I know I would cheat. So soda was cut from my life cold turkey. 

The biggest and most vital thing about staying away carbonation cravings is to have viable tasty options around when I wanted something other than water.

Here are the best options I have found to enjoy (and maybe like more than Diet Dr. Pepper--- GASP):

-Crystal Light. Nowadays I pretty much always have a water bottle with me, so I just throw those Crystal Light to-go packs in my bag and I'll be ready to hit any mid-day craving head on.

-Fruit Infused Water. Admitted, this option does require a little bit more planning than others but it's worth it. During the summer my family always has fruit in the kitchen. I simply take a pitcher of water, throw in whatever fruit seems tasty together, let the water chill and infuse overnight and in the morning fish out the fruit. I have found that frozen strawberries are super for this as well as cucumbers. Nothing makes you feel fancier than a little spa cucumber water! 

-Bai. This is probably the most expensive option I have found, but these drinks are soooooo wonderful! I hope they are sold in Sweden. They are fruit antioxidant infused drinks. They have caffeine (as much as a cup of green tea). There are so many great flavors so you never get bored. They have expanded their drink line to include lemonades, sparkling water and teas. (SOOO if any one is reading this wants to mail me Bai in Sweden, I'd be grateful!!)

-Iced Green Tea. You could buy already made and packaged green tea from the store, but those usually have a ton of sugar not to mention the price tag. I boil a big pot of water, place four of my favorite green tea bags in there to steep, add honey and let the tea cool. After about 15 minutes I take the tea bags out. I allow my giant batch of tea to cool completely before putting it into a pitcher. Cheap, all natural sugar and I feel no guilt about drinking the whole pitcher in a sitting!

Do you have any yummy non-soda suggestions for me to try?
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