Week in Amsterdam: Day 2

Our second day was filled with can't miss Amsterdam spots.

Amsterdam seen from the canal

We bought our Anne Frank House tickets far in advance since we knew we had to visit the site. The Anne Frank House is included in the MusuemKaart, however we decided that it would be to our benefit to buy the tickets about two months in advance. Already having the tickets made our life so much simpler  We decided to take one of the canal taxis to the Anne Frank house from our hotel. It was extremely touristy but it's something that you don't want to miss for sure!

Anne Frank statue 

We arrived at the Anne Frank house about an hour and a half before our ticket time so we walked around the old Jordaan district popping into shops and we grabbed some coffee at a cute little parlor-like place.
The only picture I have from the Anne Frank House

Once it was time to go into the Anne Frank house, we walked straight in, went through security and we were ready to rock and roll! They do not allow any pictures or film recording devices to be in the museum. (take note: guards will yell at you!) However, I did not feel the need to take pictures. It is a very plain and somber place. It has a feeling of sanctity pumping through it and putting it on snapchat just didn't seem appropriate. 

It took us about 2 hours to go through the whole museum. Every second was worth it.  

Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Pancakes! that we saw while walking around. It was bright and warm. Pancakes! is a chain in Amsterdam and it was delicious. Dutch pancakes are somewhat like crepes in my opinion. Instead of putting toppings wrapped inside, the Dutch cook them right in with the batter. I had a cheddar and apple pancake... wonderful. Momma had a pancake with spinach, pine nuts, goat cheese and bacon... it was also very good. 


We did some more shopping and walking around the Jordaan district before getting back onto our canal taxi (since we had a day pass) and riding it until they stopped and kicked us out. 

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