Week in Amsterdam: Day 1

Spring Break was FINALLY last week. Whew, I never thought it would come! This semester has been something else and I was ready to relax.
As a birthday-Christmas-graduation present, my parents gave me a trip to Amsterdam over spring break. I had never been to Amsterdam so I was delighted to  explore a new city with my mother.

Day 1:
This first day was spent trying to combat jet lag and getting the bearings of our temporary home.

We spent some time in Rijksmuseum after buying a Museumkaart. If you are the type of person who enjoys museums, I would highly recommend getting a Museumkaart when in Amsterdam. It was only 40 euros per person and you gain entrance to many famous museums and those you NEED to visit. For example: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House are all included on this list.

Since there was no breakfast included at the hotel we truly searched for a super market to buy some breakfast snacks at. It seems like the only chain of markets in the Netherlands is Albert Heijn. We searched for one that we had read was near our hotel. To our surprise, it was placed underground with only a metro stop sort of sign to identify the store. Then once inside it was an adventure to buy our food. NOTE to tourists: Albert Heijn does not accept credit cards. It seems like there is some sort of special Albert Heijn card that is the only thing they accept.... they do accept cash, but who seriously has cash on hand in 2017?!  Whatever we survived and I got my nutella for breakfast.

We were back at the hotel by 6;30pm. In bed by 8pm... dang jet lag, but we would be ready to explore the city tomorrow!

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