My New Job...

Starting a new job right of the thick of my last undergraduate semester was not something I planned, but life doesn't go as planned right?
I had been working at DPM Fragrance for almost two years when HR told me that the company was downsizing and I needed to pack my desk up. In 12 hours I went from having a steady job and cash flow to nothing. I had no idea what to do. Do I look for a new job? Do I just lay around the house and do nothing for the rest of the semester? I had had a job for so long that I had no idea where to start on a job search.
After a stuff-my-mouth session of all things chocolate, I decided to just start begging for jobs at all the stores and offices in Starkville. It only took a week of this graveling until I found my new job. Now I work as an advertising consultant at the local newspaper. That's just a fancy term for selling ads in the newspaper. The learning curve was steep the first two weeks and I seriously thought about quitting. Who did I turn to for motivation? ABBA. If you have never listened to ABBA on repeat for multiple hours, you need to. I promise a happy and uplifted mood will result. 

Things I have taken away from this meh turned alright situation:

-don't get comfortable with the things you have. God always has a game plan to change things up
-find something that gets you pumped up... for me it's ABBA
-stay with it. Good things come with time. If you put in the work, then you will reap the benefits

-get a job that requires you to have business cards. They make you feel adult and make flirting at bars super easy.

Your Mouse, 


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