Life Update: Feb 12, 2016

Hello sweet friends!

It has been so long since I have brought everyone up to speed on my life and happenings. Mainly because I feel as if my life is going at 100 mph. I am always busy and I rarely have a moment to myself (and when I do, I'm probably studying or sleeping).

First thing first, I have give a HUGE (Donald Trump HUGE) congratulations to one of my best friends and sorority sisters for winning the Greek International Fellows Award for 2015. She absolutely deserved it. Like me, she has studied abroad and after coming home she continues to share her love for life and travel! I was present to see her accept her award because I was nominated by my sorority for Greek Hall of Fame, I didn't walk away with the title but the nomination was more than enough!

I am beginning to be at that stage of life where all of my friends are starting to get engaged and therefore eventually get married. At the end of January, a close family friend that I grew up with got married to the greatest guy in the whole world. It was such a joy to be present at her wedding and see her start a new chapter of her life. Honestly, by the time I get married she'll have 3 kids at my wedding. It was also really nice to get to come home and see my family for a little bit. May the wedding celebrations begin!

And finally, a little something about my own future.
I recently accepted a summer position with the National Park Service working in the Grand Teton National Park. I will be working in one of the lodges on the site as a bilingual aide and cashier. So basically, my two favorite things: selling stuff and speaking French. I can't wait to experience a little bit of the West this summer!



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