Dear Jerry

Dear Jerry,
It has been a difficult few weeks being back in the same town as you again.
It's just been a difficult few weeks.
I learned a lot while I was abroad. I grew a lot in ways I did not even realize until I encountered old friends. I don't know if they are the different or if I am different or if everyone is just different. It's a whole bunch of different and I am still grasping at straws to get a handle on everything that is changing so quickly.

I need to tell you publicly that I am so happy for you. I have already told you privately but you mean so much to me I need to tell the world. I am happy that you are happy. I am happy that you have an awesome job lined up after you graduate. I am happy that you are enjoying life with an awesome woman.

It feels so good to be loved.
You deserve to be loved.

One thing I have prayed about constantly is coming to terms to not having this plan I had created for us work out. I thought we'd both graduate together after being in school for 5 years and then we'd jet off to some great country or new state that neither of us I'd ever lived in and never be heard from again.

It was my plan. My dream. Not His plan. I am struggling with being imperfect daily.

Thank you for not being part of my plan, but still being part of His plan. You are so wonderful Jerry Seinfeld and I need you to know that desperately.

Always your Elaine


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