Learning to Ski in the French Alps

So this past weekend, I got a little adventurous and went on the last adventure of my study abroad semester. Grenoble is known as the Capital of the Alps and therefore a group of friends went up to a ski resort called Alpe d'Huez for a few days of skiing fun.

Being from the Southern United States, I have never been skiing. I was excited to try it or at least play in the snow. I had good friends who either helped me buy ski clothing or let me borrow some. We rented our equipment in the ski shop at Alpe d'Huez. I had contacted a ski instructor about a private crash course to get me started.
View from the bottom of my bunny slope
The first day of skiing was the hardest. Between learning just how to maneuver the skis and yourself at the same time and trying not to crash into small children on the bunny slope. I had quite a difficult time. I really enjoyed my ski instructors, Stuart and Mel. Shout out to Stu and Mel if you're reading this. They were really funny, kept me calm, and taught me how to love skiing (it's not that hard to love skiing).  I fell down so many times, I lost count. The bruises on my knees, shins and booty can prove it. But by the end of the day I gained a lot of confidence in how to control speed and my skis (most of the time without falling).
Always time for a ski selfie

The beginning of the second day I got so frustrated. There were so many little kids and group classes just hanging around my bunny slope. I wanted to practice but I was restricted in space due to all the people. About noon, all the hooligans left and after munching on a granola bar, I regained the confidence that I was feeling at the end of the first day.
View from the top chair lift

The third day was the best day by far. I moved up to the big girl bunny slope (I named it myself). I was able to practice those wide turns, and with the slope being a little bit more steep I got some speed. After falling a few times, I learned that sometimes in skiing speed is your ally. I even ventured onto a slope that was probably just a little above my level. Yes. I fell down about 3/4ths of it, but I went down it. You never know you're limits until you test them, am I right?
Enjoying lunch in the snowy Alps

I will not be an Olympian skier, but I do enjoy skiing. But I think most of my love for skiing comes from the snow, the cocoa and the fun socks.
I am really looking forward towards my next ski trip. Hopefully I can persuade some more Mississippians to give skiing a try!

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