Last few days in Starkville (until 2016)

I can't believe that the summer went by so quickly. Mississippi State has already been in school for a week. Here I am furiously packing to go abroad...furiously missing Mississippi. I spent the last few days in Mississippi eating all the good stuff, spending time with those I'm closest with, laughing hard enough to keep me going until January.

My last bid day with my sweetest buddy yet, Jessie

I'm not mature enough to be a ZENIOR!

Krispy Kreme anyone?

929 run with my girls

Last "after-church" lunch with this bunch until 2016
These two give me life.

I'm going to have to stop writing now, I just love and adore all of these people so much. I don't want to go a whole semester without them.

Remember me fondly, Mississippi.
Until 2016.


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