How I Packed for 2 Years

I am about to embark on a very exciting and possibly stressful two year journey: grad school. Not only grad school but moving to another country in the process. I will not be able to return home during those two years, so I had the task of packing for those two years. Here are some of the best tips I can give to those who also need to pack for long periods of time.

Research the Climate
Before you put anything in your suitcase, check out the month to month averages of temperature and precipitation. Most people vision Sweden as an extremely cold but in reality where I will be living in the southern Sweden the weather is  quite agreeable.  So no extreme snow suits are necessary!

6-Month Rule
I've heard the 6 month rule for a multitude of situations. Simply: if you haven't worn it in 6 months, you don't need it.

Write it Down
There's something very thought clearing about writing down what you plan to pack and the quantity. Once I started writing down items, I quickly thought about probably 2 more items  that I think I would have forgotten.

Weigh the Options: Buy vs Bring
If get to your location and realize you forgot something odds are there will be a shopping mall or superstore of some sort to replace your forgotten item. There were many things I wanted to bring but I weighed the options about the space in my suitcase vs how much it would cost to just buy a replacement in Sweden. However there are some things that you could easily and cheaply replace but you could not imagine ever finding a proper replacement. Examples? The teddy bear I've had since I was 8 and traveled across the world with me or the blanket I received from my sorority big.

Bring in Someone you Trust
Last and final tip: ask someone you trust (in my case my mom) to go through what you plan to pack. They can easily look at a dress and with all the loving kindness in the world say "Don't take this dress, it doesn't look that good on you." As easy as that, you have pulled out some things that you may have regretted bringing.

I am very excited about this new chapter in my life. Packing for it was just one of many things that needed to be completed before I left.
The big move is Saturday! squeeeakkk!
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  1. I'm digging these tips Macy. I am a full time digital nomad who has packed for over a year and a half once. Cheated a bit on research since I live mainly in the tropics; always hot ;) Happy travels and have fun at school!

    1. Thank you very much! hahaha I guess a tropic climate does make for a very simple packing list. Thanks for reading :)


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