Delightfully Surprised in Sweden

I have been in Sweden for almost two weeks now. wow, I know... I feel like I've been here for years but it's really just 12 days. I have been very surprised by many things here in Sweden, some good & some bad. However my experience so far in Helsingborg and Sweden has been very good. Here are a few things that I have enjoyed seeing in Sweden  and would like to see more of:

There is a lot of tools and aides for those who are handicapped. I think this is seriously AWESOME. In the United States, you are supposed to have so many ramps, elevators, etc but besides that there is nothing extra to help those who are handicapped and some organizations do not abide by these laws in the first place. Here in Sweden, there are so many ramps, elevators,  toilets, etc. I know you've seen those handicapped toilet in the US, but these in Sweden are seriously equipped to aide those who suffer from any handicap. They are so complex looking that I had no idea how to work a handicapped toilet so I waited for a normal toilet.

Everyone is so so so kind. I think as a stereotype Americans view Swedes as shy or reserved (maybe compared to Americans they are). I have come to find that is the quite the opposite. Swedes are very kind and pleasant too.  Everyone wants to be social.  The Swedes just have a different way of going about it.

Religion may not be an important factor of Swedish life, but that doesn't mean no Swedes are religious. I was nervous that I would not be able to find a church to be a member of. After some research online, I found a church that was only 10 minutes walking from my house and I attended their Sunday service last week. I was just floored how many people attended the church. It wasn't just older more traditional people. It was younger couples and students as well. There were so many children running around, it really made me happy and at home. All those I met after the church service were extremely welcoming, I exchanged my cell phone number and Facebook with so many people. I am hopeful that my church life and relationship with Christ
will grow greatly while living in Helsingborg.

The topic of mental health is not taboo. I have suffered from anxiety and minor depression since high school. In the United States, unless I was very close to the person, I would never mention my mental health to anyone. If I had an appointment dealing with my anxiety, I would tell people that I had to go to the dentist or dermatologist. I would have never admitted to going to a counselor. I have found that in Sweden it is the opposite. They view it as something that needs to be addressed and dealt with. There are many outlets and organizations provided by my school to aide those with stress, anxiety and depression. I know for sure I will be taking advantage of these services for sure. A healthy mind is the basis of a healthy life!

I am very excited and ready to start my new life here in Sweden
your little mouse


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