A Few Hours in Malmo

This week I had to travel to Malmo to visit the migration office in person to complete my student visa.

While I was there it just happened that their annual Malmo Festival was happening during the same time. I was only in Malmo for about 8 hours and most of it was spent either looking for the migration office or in the migration office. I went to the wrong office at first - I went to the office for those seeking asylum so that was a little embarrassing. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the festival where they had lots of food trucks, performers and artists.

View of Malmo from the train station

Candy Stand

Malmo even has their own "marching band"

Sweden is a very international country and its food shows that

I was very happy when I saw this food truck!

A performer warming up before an afternoon performance

Merry-Go-Round set up in the square for the festival

Lovely old buildings

Malmo, I'll be back for sure! 

your little mouse


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