A Not So Spooky Halloween

We always dress up for Halloween at work, but this year HR decided to add a little competition into the mix. The prize for the best department costume was lunch paid for by the company along with some other goodies. Let me tell you, the sales team is a little too competitive. We just love winning stuff. Coat Drive competition? Check. Canned Food Drive? On it. Volunteer to clean up trash? Way ahead of you. So when free food was on the line... we got to business creating the best possible group costume ever. 
The gang's all here! Even the vital time keeping cloud (ahem, me)

The end result was AWESOME! We created a whole world of Mario Kart. Lights, coins, brick walls, banana peels, turtle shells... everything from the game was there! It was a lot of fun to dress up and be light hearted for the day. 

We are awaiting the results of the judges to see if we won, but I'll let you know what the judges final decision was. 



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